Open your eyes to vision issues - Bendigo Weekly

The month of July is mostly known for being wintery and grey, but for eye surgeons, it is the key month to remind people to check the health of their eyes.

As July comes to a close, the call is out to people to think about perhaps their most important sense, their sight.

Julyeye is an initiative of the Eye Surgeons Foundation, to promote awareness and raise money for eye health issues.

Debilitating eye conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma affect hundreds of thousands of Australians who end up with severe vision impairment.

The foundation says every year 10,000 Australians go blind adding to the 200,000 with severe visual impairment.

For those like James McPhane, that can mean having to move to public transport as well as limited employment and educational opportunities.

James was born premature and as a result is blind in his right eye due to retinopathy and requires ongoing treatment.



POSITIVE SIGHT: James McPhane and Dr Farokh Irani. Photo Andrew Parryman.

Jame's doctor, Bendigo Eye Surgeons' Farokh Irani, has long been involved with the foundation, raising awareness for such conditions. 

He said blindness is listed by most Australians as the condition they would struggle most to live with. "Unfortunately for James he has been struggling with this a long time, but he is a great patient, " Dr Irani said. 

"So not only is it important to get your eyes checked regularly, but  the more support the foundation can get, the more people like James we can help."

To find out more or to donate visit : Eye Surgeons Foundation July Eye