Normal Tension Glaucoma

This condition has the usual findings that we see in glaucoma except that the tension (or pressure) in the eye is not elevated.

It is thought that the fibres of the optic nerve and/or the fine blood vessels that keep these fibres supplied with blood are abnormally sensitive to normal levels of intraocular pressure.

There is a gradual progressive loss of the peripheral vision, which is related to a gradual loss of nerve fibres in the optic nerve.

Sometimes this disorder is associated with a history of migraine, poor circulation, high blood pressure, smoking or inflammation in the blood or blood vessels. Sometimes treatment of these underlying conditions can bring benefit.


The only treatment is to lower the pressure in the eye to a much lower than normal pressure.

Sometimes this can be achieved with drops or laser treatment(SLT).

Surgery may be required for this pressure lowering to occur. Close long term follow up is necessary to detect progression of the disorder.